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The Challenge

The Amazon Campus Challenge is open to all students enrolled in higher education 2019-2020 and aged 18 years old or above. Students must form teams of two to five students (who may be from different institutions). Each team may enlist the support of a faculty member.


During the preparation phase, each team must approach a local business that has not yet set up a selling on Amazon account, get to know its needs in terms of building its business online, and convince them to join the team to design and implement an e-commerce strategy for selling on Amazon. Tools and tips will be provided for support.

Online sales

During the online sales period, each team will learn how to use the main development tools on Amazon that can help the business grow. The team will face the demands of online sales with real customers and real competitors and be confronted with real business and economic challenges.


At the end of the online sales period, 10 teams will be selected based on their performance, and five will have the opportunity to present the results of their work before a jury of e-commerce experts. 

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